And like every year we are ready to welcome you!

Here we are, introducing ourselves!

We love our work and we have been doing it with passion since forty years. We are always ready to welcome our customers and satisfy their every need, to guarantee you a dream holiday! 

Meet our family!


Together with Marinella he is the manager, therefore for everyone, the director of Hotel Puppi. 
Mauro is always present at the front office, welcomes our guests, assists them with any problem and is also the keeper of many memories related to Cattolica and our history! He started working as a hotelier when he was 18 years old and therefore the phrase he repeats to everyone like a mantra is that "he has forty years of experience" and he really remembers all our guests! Many of them he has seen them come on holiday as children and then return with their families! The most affectionate know that in addition to being the director is also the one who when we do the parties at the hotel, he has more fun than anyone to dance, sing and especially to involve people.


The real boss of Hotel Puppi, is the undisputed chef! Her main task is to direct the kitchen staff and our guests know that if they want to say hello to her they have to come to the kitchen door or wait until the evening when, after the work shift, she relaxes sitting outside the Hotel. That's the right occasion for guests to ask for advice on cooking and steal recipes of the dishes she prepares in the Hotel!

Marinella also loves to dance and when we have parties at the hotel, she never backs down to the sound of a mazurka from Romagna!


She has always been the joker of the Hotel Puppi staff! Grown up in this environment, also she begins to have a not indifferent historical memory of the customers! Mainly she helps our manager Mauro, above all she helps him with new technologies! She takes care of the reception of the customers, she carries out all the activities of the reception but not only because she is also the official barista and the one who makes the best coffee of all!


He is our rider (cyclist)! Matteo is not often seen in the hotel because he has another job, but as soon as he can, he comes to the hotel because he knows all our most loyal guests! He is passionate about cycling and sports and knows the hinterland of Romagna very well, so he is the right person to ask for advice on routes to do by bike! He also dabbles as a bartender and prepares excellent cocktails!

Margot and Lilly

They're our furry mascots!

Margot is perfect for greeting, she greets everyone and never barks at anyone! She convinces our guests with her sweet eyes and her cocker ears! She is Mauro and Marinella's dog and is in charge of inspecting those who enter and leave the hotel!

Lilly instead is Martina's dog and when she is in the hotel (not every day as in the case of Margot) she takes care of supervising step by step what Martina is doing, she is very timid but once won his trust becomes super sweet and very playful, especially with other dogs!

At the hotel, people take sides: those who madly love Margot and those who prefer Lilly!