From amusement parks to nature reserves!

Discovering Cattolica 

Not far from Cattolica are several attractions not to be missed during a stay here. Starting from amusement parkswhere you can experience many emotions with your family, up to the discovery of the flora and fauna of the Riviera.

The magical world of animals!

Theme Parks

In Cattolica there is the famous Aquarium known throughout Italy! Here are over 4,000 showcases and you can admire many species of marine animals. You can also witness the excitement of the mealtime of the animals, together with the experts!

Also with a marine theme is the Overseas Riccione, in which you will find an interesting part dedicated to the history of our planet and above all you will have the opportunity to have close encounters with the dolphinswho will amaze you with their popular shows!

Adrenaline and thrill!

Amusement parks 

A short distance from Cattolica, in Riccione, there is Aquafan, the famous water park number one in Europe for its 3 km of slides and other exciting attractions including many swimming pools, relaxation areas and DJ set with international artists! 

The little ones, on the other hand, can experience the magic of fairy tales in Rimini at Fiabilandia where they will find a enchanted world with Merlin's Castle, Peter Pan's Bay and the Valley of the Gnomes. 

Not to be missed is also Mirabilandia in Ravenna: here you can experience the thrill on some of the longest roller coasters in the world! 

The Safari, unique emotions!

Natural Oasis

At Safari of Ravenna you will find a large zoological garden where you can admire more than 700 animals that live in freedom and that you can up close out the window of your car! 

Here you will have the opportunity to meet many wonderful animals thanks to the guidance of experts who will accompany you along the park.

Discovering nature!

Not only sea: there is much more! 

In Cervia you can go for a nice ride along the Saline, a large body of water where there are more than 2000 flamingos! Here the sunset creates breathtaking scenery not to be missed! 

In Milano Marittima, on the other hand, you can go in search of wonderful little birds: butterflies! Here you will find the House of Butterfliesa large greenhouse where hundreds of tropical butterflies fly free. A truly magical environment!