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Natural areas

The natural park of San Bartolo is located on the promontory of Gabicce. Here are four paths that allow you to enjoy views of incredible beauty. In the park live many species of animals, such as mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. The bird watching is an activity that reserves many pleasant surprises, because you will be able to admire the peregrine falcon, the honey buzzard and the rare pale harrier.

In the Valconca valley, is a must-see are the Caves of Onferno: natural architectures of stalactites and stalagmites, built over millions of years by the patient hands of nature. Along the route there are rooms of various sizes, the most famous is the Hall Quirino, also known as the Hall of the Mamelons, for large perturbations of the conical chalk that jut out from the ceiling.

The hinterland of romagna
Medieval villages

Between the medieval villages perfectly preserved, we remember that of Gradara, with its imposing castle and double wall, above the houses in the centre. The village, with much probability, has seen the birth and die tragically, the tormented love between Paolo and Francesca. A few kilometres from Cattolica is also the small Republic of San Marino to visit for the history and the breathtaking views.

In the Valconca valley are worth a visit, the beautiful Montefiore Conca, with its curious " rocca from the squared-off shapes, Montegridolfo, a real military fortress and labyrinthine streets, Montescudo, where you'll find etruscan and roman remains. To visit in the Valmarecchia area, in the beautiful and lively Santarcangelo, Torriana, the picturesque San Leo and Verucchio. Don't forget Urbino, a renaissance town that does not need presentations.

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