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The flavors of Romagna

The kitchen of the Hotel Puppi of Catholic is cured directly by the owners of the hotel, who put passion in everything that they do. Assisted by a staff of qualified and professional guarantee to the table every day, fresh ingredients, authentic dishes and specialities of the romagna territory.

The breakfast consists of a rich buffet of sweet and savoury products such as cakes, biscuits, rusks, jams, juices, coffee,bread, cheese and salami. While lunch and dinner consist of menus to choose between meat and fish, always accompanied by a buffet of cooked and raw vegetables and some appetizers.

Rich buffet
sweet and salty
Children at the table

The time of meals is one of the most important moments of the day that is to be shared with the whole family in total comfort and serenity. For this we have thought of many amenities to make it more inviting the moment to a meal.

At the table, in fact, you can find high chairs, bibs and cutlery for children. In addition, they are prepared a special menu, customized according to the needs that emerged. Baby food, pureed vegetables, broth, and simple, tasty dishes that will satisfy the most particular tastes.

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