Holiday Bonus

The Holiday Bonus is a maximum contribution of 500 euros provided by the Italian State for those who choose to spend a holiday in Italy by December 30, 2021 (only for bonuses requested by 2020). To get the bonus you will have to book directly in the hotel, or with the support of a tour operator, a travel agency or online portals of disintermediation.

Hotel Puppi accepts the Holiday Bonus only for stays of minimum 7 daysexcluding the period from 7 to 22 August.

The Holiday Bonus cannot be combined with the offers on the site, unless otherwise indicated. It will also be applied to a limited number by rooms per week.

Yes, we accept the Holiday Bonus which is a maximum contribution of 500 euros provided by the Government. The maximum value of the bonus is divided according to the number of participants in the holiday:

3 or more people: bonus worth €500
2 people: bonus worth €300
1 person: bonus worth €150 
You will have to advance 20% of the value of the bonus by deducting it at the end of the year from your tax return, while the Hotel ne anticipates the 80%then deducting it in turn from income tax.
For example, if you are entitled to the maximum value of the bonus, i.e. €500, you will get €400 off the cost of your stay while you will have to advance €100 of deduction.
It can be requested by all those who have ISEE less than 40,000 euros and can be requested by only one member of the household.
You can use the bonus for Hotel stays for thesummer 2021 (excluding the period 7-22 August) and for a stay minimum by 7 nights.
If you want to claim your bonus, just download theDedicated IO appmade available by PagoPA S.p.A. and have the updated ISEE form.
After installing it, you will have to log in by entering the following credentials when prompted: SPID digital identity or Electronic Identity Card (CIE 3.0), in order to obtain a unique code and a QR-code.
You will need these last two codes once you arrive at the hotel: remember to show them to us during the payment process!
In addition, through the app you can also see the total amount of the discount you are entitled to, the members of your household and the period within which you can use the holiday bonus.